Friday, February 22, 2013

American Idol's First Transgender Contestant

Josh "J'DA" Davila probably has to be the most unique contestant of the season on American Idol 2013. He is more fond of dresses and heavy makeup than Nicki Minaj. Some could argue he looks better in it than she does though...
Some have questioned whether included JDA in the Top 40 was just a publicity stunt? American Idol? Say it ain’t so! Some (well, Idol nemesis Vote for the Worst) are implying that’s what Top 20 hopeful Joshua “J'DA” Davila is for the show.

The comments from VFTW about Joshua Davila, aka Jada, were anything but positive before the season started airing — hence the implication that he landed in the Top 40 just for publicity. The New York Post reported the following:

“An eccentric, transgender singer is one of the show’s hopefuls this year -- advancing past the show’s famous boot camp, Hollywood Week, last week...”

Before auditioning, the 26-year-old Chicago native and cosmetics salesperson was a semifinalist in Chicago’s “Windy City Gay Idol.” 

Jada Davila reportedly wants to represent for the transgendered and gay community on American Idol 2013, saying, “We just don’t see enough of it in the media. So that’s where I come in.”

With all of the hype over the 11 seasons of American Idol about this being a “singing competition,” it seems unlikely that they would let someone who couldn’t sing advance that far. When we actually got to see JDA in action, he was actually pretty fabulous. However, he failed to wow the judges enough with his voice during the Vegas rounds and was sent home

How ever why is it that the judges kept referring his look to "whatever this is" when they OBVIOUSLY know what it is. Actors do it all the time. It's called CROSS-DRESSING !! Martin Lawrence did it in "Big Momma's House" Tyler Perry did it in"Madea" and John Travolta in " Hairspray" not to mention all of the stories you hear of the entertainers who do it behind closed doors for sexual fetishes. Cross-dressing and Drag  queens are not a new thing in Hollywood. We as the gay community are guilty of bringing our own kind down and that's NOT OK  Regardless of what you think of his appearance Joshua is a strong and inspiring individual who opened doors last night and overcame adversity. We should be applauding him and supporting him instead of dragging his name through the mud. #TeamJ'DA Werk it hunty!!!

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